Drying plastic granulate

Our dryers for plastic granules stand out from the rest with their maximum efficiency and economy.

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Drying plastic granulate

Dry air koch technik V2

Dry air technology

The KOCH-TECHNIK dry air dryers dry medium up to very large amounts of plastic granulate with dehumidified air until the residual moisture is at the optimum level required for processing.

This dehumidified air technology is an energy-saving closed circulating system that functions completely separately from the ambient climate. Dry warm air flows through the granulate, absorbs the moisture on it and releases it to a desiccant.

compressed air koch technik V2

Compressed air technology

The drying hygroscopic granules with compressed air is for small capacities the more economic alternative compared to another drying systems. The special ERD-compressed air technology by KOCH guarantees perfect drying results, low operating costs and a virtually maintenance free production.

The result: continuous drying performance, maximum reliability, easy handling and less space requirements.


Granule Dryers with Dry Air Technology

Granule Dryers with Compressed Air Technology