Conveying raw material

KOCH-TECHNIK offers, plans and installs conveying systems for you which exactly meet your requirements and are appropriate for the conditions under which you operate.

Expand your capabilities with KOCH-TECHNIK.

Conveying raw material

compact conveyor koch technik V2

Compact conveyors

This range is notable for its compact design. The vacuum generator is located directly in the conveyor unit and only requires a 110 V or 230 V connection. Irrespective of whether you want to convey virgin material, regenerated material or powder, the KOCH compact conveyors guarantee dust-free operation.

The KOCH conveyors are therefore the ideal solution for loading a machine from adjacent containers.

standalone conveyor koch technik V2

Standalone conveyors

The standalone conveyors are configured for large quantities. All our standalone conveyors have a separate vacuum generator. Long conveying distances, large quantities, maintenance-free and very durable are only some of the benefits that speak in favour of these machines.

Virgin material, regenerated material or powder can be conveyed absolutely dustly-free.


Compact Conveyors

Standalone Conveyors

Conveyor for glass fibre reinforced plastic